Is your school a hotspot for jokes? Do your family members regularly fall victim to pranks? Do ghosts and spooks get you into trouble? Find every kind of funny, crazy, impossible mischief in this book. Here you will find the girl who turned into a sloth just for her mother, the horse who went to the library and ate up some classics, the substitute teacher who saw dead people, the play where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and many more amazing tales of pranks and troublemaking! 

Selected by Ruskin Bond and Jerry Pinto, the stories in Prankenstein (Speaking Tiger) have been written by some of the best children’s writers of the country. My story has an annoying bicycle bell, an ouija board, and lots of mischief. Oh, I came up with the name for this anthology. Illustrated by Lavanya Naidu.


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What happens when you ask an ornithologist, a wild life photographer and a dog to "duck"! They all perk up and ask "Where? Which one?" This is a comic book about one such wildlife-mad trio - Uncle Bikky the ornithologist, his niece Chunmun who is a wildlife photographer, and their dog, Duggu. Join them on their wildlife adventure across India, as they travel from deserts to swampy lands and old rock formations and verdant forests. You will meet ickle bugs, colourful birds, magnificent mammals, and feisty reptiles in this comic book. Packed with activities, jokes, and trivia, this anthology of WWF-India's popular Uncle Bikky comics is sure to make children (and adults) fall in love with wildlife. The series has been developed for WWF-India by Rohan Chakravarty, cartoonist, illustrator and creator of Green Humour ( with essays by Bijal Vachharajani, author and editor of children's books.

Grandma Tales

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Grandmothers are a treasure! This book is a funny and heart-warming collection of stories about grandmas and their storytelling. I have contributed two stories to this anthology edited by Lalita Iyer and published by Scholastic India. Illustrations by Vidya Goptal